PROHITTER Batting Aid – Does it Really Work?

Have you ever watched an MLB game and noticed a kind of ring on the thumb of the hitter? Was it something you overlooked, or something that got you thinking? Well, that little object is known as the Prohitters Training Aid or a Prohitters Thumb Guard. Sitting between the palm of the top hand and the bat, this little training aid increases the hitter’s contact with the bat, thus giving the batter more comfort (especially on mis-hits), better control, and generally increases their palm contact.

The idea behind the creation of the thumb guard is to remove or reduce the separation between the barrel knob and the hand. As the device removes the separation, a hitter can apply consistent pressure on the knob which results in a stronger and more controlled grip. It is estimated that well over 50% of players of MLB use this training aid consistently.

How the PROHITTER Batting Aid Works

The Prohitter thumb guard forces the handle of the bat to move towards the fingers. The bat handle is then forced out of the palm because of the volume of this training aid and allows the hand to grip the bat the way it should be gripped during the swing.

By removing some of the vibrations caused by the brunt baseball impact during contact, top hand stings are greatly reduced from this little training device. This is especially helpful for those hitters who regularly deal with palm and bone bruises.

Benefits of Using the PROHITTER Batters Training Aid

  • This little device allows your hands to be quicker, for your wrist turns to be faster, PROHITTER-teaching-sportsand for you to increase the speed and power of your bat for more pop.
  • It ensures that the hitter minimizes the speed of his wrists as wrist movement is important to every skilled hitter.
  • The Prohitter training aid enables players to bat with greater consistency using the advanced grip technique.
  • It prevents the hitter from ‘squeezing’ the bat too hard in their hands and enables them to grip the bat comfortably.
  • The use of this training aid provides one of the best ways to reduce batting stingers.

Make it Happen

The Prohitter Batters Training Aid is helpful for hitters of all ages. Estimates show that over half of professional hitters use the thumb guard in some capacity which reflects the value it can bring to batting performances. It provides comfort, reduces hand stings helps hitters grip the bat well for more solid contact and ultimately increases the performance of the hitter.


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  1. So this batting training aid fits and adjusts to all sizes of thumb right? Kinda new to this as my nephew is starting to attend baseball games. Is this advisable for him to use? Just looking around and checking for stuff that might come in handy for him. A thumb protector for batting sounds like a good idea to me.

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